Chico's Relatives

Doggie's Household Two

I am glad you want to get to know even more of my relatives. Although personally I don't care too much for birds (especially not two chattery budgerigars), my humans adore them and insisted to put some pictures of them on my site. Very well then, take a quick look and don't forget that I, Chico, am the main character here.

May I present to you: Cutie and Joey, the two budgerigars of the family.
As you can see, they can't complain about not having any toys to play with - they are even more spoiled than me!
They say that if you have two budgies they won't become tame, but take a look at this...
Joey, the green budgie, is a little sweet-natured male and Cutie, the eldest, is a rather self-willed female (like me, I might add). My humans are hoping for offspring!
You have to love them! Sophia adores them, so she has to devide her time between me (Chico) and the birds.
This all makes me very jealous, so please leave this page as soon as possible and go back to my own Chihuahua pages! Thank you.