Chico's Chit-chat

Doggie's Talk

Hi, welcome to my home page! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Chico and I am a Chihuahua. Although I am only 20 cm (8") high, I definitely know how to preside over my human family. Naturally I have conditioned them to know my needs, so that they can tell by my bark whether I want some food (preferably a tidbit), go for a walk (my direction), or play Tug-of-War (I bet you know who is the strongest).

Perhaps now you think that I am a little demanding, and maybe I am sometimes. But I also have a lot to give them! For one thing, I happen to be a great watch dog and I know how to protect my house. Many visitors are impressed by my blatant bark and the first thing I usually hear is: "Does he bite?" Of course I do.

When I take one of my humans for a walk, I always attract attention by my appearance, so that my humans can have their social contacts while we dogs are sniffing at each other. Generally a conversation starts with my human responding: "Yes, he is tiny, isn't he, but let me tell you....." and then a long list of all my heroic deeds are enumerated. Sometimes they make even me a bit shy. The worst thing is of course when such a conversation is held with a human that is not walked by a dog, but I found out that the best conversation stopper is to sit in front of my human, shivering and yawning audibly. If that doesn't help, I add some yelping and yowling.

You will understand that I am a bit prejudiced, but I think that Chihuahua's are great dogs. Just take a look at myawards and you will know they are! If you want to know more about them, than be sure you read the facts about the Chihuahua breed.

As for now: chow wow and bye. O, and don't forget to visit my photo album too. Finally, if you like the picture of me in the little basket you can download the Windows 95 Chihuahua Theme . Believe me, it is a must-have!